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Bye Bye Cruel World !
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Charter spaces web SAABSportClub
This forum and associated Internet spaces are a place for exchange, sharing and passionate encounter (s) of the Saab brand. These spaces have no vocation and professional registration is completely free. Most volunteers, however, can financially support our work as described in the articles of association SAAB Sport Club in a manner totally transparent.
Any person who wishes to post on the forum, classifieds, gallery or other web space liability SAAB Sport Club must have read this charter in full and have accepted all the terms without restraint.
About understood by both messages that images submitted by their authors.  
Basic rules to meet essential
1. Obligation of transparency: everything on this board making content available to the public provide a valid email address and kept active for at least administrators to contact him.
2. Respect for human dignity: it involves the protection of human life and the rejection of all forms of discrimination because of opinion, origin, ethnicity, social, religious, political or trade union membership, sex, l 'state of health or disability of the person.
3. The remarks contrary to public order and morality, abusive, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or otherwise affecting the honor, reputation, integrity or sensitivity of others will not tolerated. No apology for pornography will be tolerated.
4. Privacy Policy.
5. No personal attacks: to criticize ideas, not people. The exchange of insults will not be tolerated. No inflammatory language consisting solely of one or more exasperating SAABistes forum. About Everything should be duly reasoned and well founded.
6. Comments on others (professionals, other members, etc..)
In accordance with the law and points 3 and 5 above, comments to other people, especially critics against members or third parties (professional automotive for example) may be considered defamatory if they do not meet criteria following (Articles 35a and 55 of the Act of July 29, 1881):
* Sincerity: the author provides enough evidence to believe the truth of these facts;
* Pursuing a legitimate aim: the words are intended to inform and not to harm;
* Proportional to the aim pursued and the harm caused;
* The sake of caution.
Any criticism directed against another person should be factual, objective and independent of a specific case, expressed in a moderate tone. In addition, any member wishing to express criticism of another person shall indicate what steps he made prior to the person to solve the problem before posting to the forum
7. No incentive to consumption of illicit substances or addictive (drugs, alcohol ...)
8. Prohibition of return messages posted by others on the web space SAABSportClub for posting on other forums or other media without quoting the source and prevent the author from their use.
9. Participating in this forum is by no means a right but an opportunity to share information given by the owner of the forum, namely the association of such Act 1901 SAAB Sport Club, declared to the prefecture of Loiret late 2005 and has been a publication in the Official Gazette No.49 of 03 December 2005.
10. website gallery is dedicated exclusively to photos SAAB in compliance with the charter.
11. page ad is primarily reserved for SAAB. Any abuse of this may be moderated.
Users Forum SAABSportClub undertake to respect this charter. Failure of the Charter involves an action of moderation.
This charter can be amended later if the administrators and moderators deem necessary. The user will then be informed individually.
Administration and Moderation Forum
In your use, you will meet the administrators and moderators. What are their roles?
A moderator, as a director, is a member of the forum as others who love the SAAB, participates in various posts, talk seriously sometimes, so saucy and other times, it also depends on the personalities ...
A moderator is the forum for passion, to "learn" and "teach" or to other members. He comes on his free time (well some even spend at work ...) and search the forum before any opportunity to spend quality time with other enthusiasts, as any member.
What differentiates the moderator of a member "standard" is that it has agreed to add to his daily dose of fun to come on this forum a number of "responsibilities" and "commitments" .. . while wishing to maintain its initial SAABistisque pleasure.
The role of moderator is therefore particular attention:
* Compliance with the Charter of the Forum
* Maintenance and preservation of the good atmosphere and friendliness
* Maintaining the cordiality between the members
For this, a number of tools are available to the moderator.  
Moderator tools
Here is a precise and exhaustive that the moderator can do:
* Know the IP (address type that identifies a computer on the Internet) for each member.
* Edit the post to any member
* Move a topic in another category
* Lock a topic
* Split a subject that is split about a certain topic for the original copy on a new topic or another (planned)
* Delete a message
* Delete or close a complete subject
And what administrators can do:
* Everything that the moderator may
* Administer the entire board
Finally what nobody can do:
* Return a message permanently deleted
* Revert to a previous version of a post when it was published  
Recognize and find a moderator / administrator?
The moderators are easily recognizable. Their nickname is entered in a column to the right of the cover page of this forum.
Administrators (Aspect-Geek and TurboAéro) and moderators are in a category not available to members. In this section we are consulting on decisions regarding the forum, its possible improvements, moderation, but also all sorts of useless things.
Administration and Moderation Forum
The forum is not subject SAABSportClub - now - to moderate a priori (Waiting for approval) to maintain maximum interactivity.
However, the directors reserve the right to enable this option in case of failure and recurrent generalized to the charter. Also, while SAABiste must report about failing to respect this charter with one or more moderators.
You can find all the modalities of the forum on the website of our host:
Terms of moderation
The comments, reported or not, are edited by a moderator, they are estimated may contravene the Charter.
In these cases, the administrators and moderators:
- Remove all or part of a connection, or ask the sender to change a game.
- Affix a pattern of moderation or to send SAABiste question about the issuer via the internal messaging forum.
- Allow a right of reply via the personal messaging SAABiste.
- Discuss possible motives in their private section, mainly in cases of disagreement SAABiste. The period of discussion depends on their availability.
- Decided after the exchange, a final decision by a majority of at least three moderator (s) or administrator (s) with at least one member of the board of the association SAAB Sport Club.
In case of breach of ethics for the charter, a tick in the sanctions is established and managed by moderators or administrators with (s) SAABiste (s) concerned (es). Sanctions "forum" go "blabla" (temporarily masking all about) to removal through the temporary inability to post but can read.
In the case of serious misconduct, a penalty not gradual exclusion (temporary or permanent) may be taken against the user, without prejudice to any other external actions.
All work and / or proposal to improve the forum and internet space will be sanctioned by the full recognition of the Internet community Saab Sport Club.
The forum can be closed without notice on the directors' decision.
The administrators reserve the right to remove messages not meeting these few basic rules, but may in no circumstances be the responsibility of a message posted by others.
For information, we try to read ALL the posts of this forum, because there is no other way to understand a message in its context and ensure to the greatest extent possible, that moderation is not too excessive or too lenient.
We wanted to point out in conclusion that these tools for moderating are not magic. We are human beings, you too, so there is a large part left to the discretion and interpretation, which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or simply different views.
It is needless to remind you that everyone is responsible and built this forum. If you want to feel good atmosphere, remember that it depends on you very much before anyone else, big or small SAABiste!
Now you can return to the pleasure of being a responsible and enthusiastic SAABiste discovering the topics of the forum, without forgetting the site, ads and photo gallery.
Content description and ROLES FORUM
A general description of use of the Internet space Saab Sport Club is available HERE. We describe here the specific use of the forum topics.
By helping the search function you can find information or complete a subject interesting you instead of posting yet another post on a subject already discussed.
A degree of rigor in the location of a subject and in the description of the title easier to read, research and resolve technical issues by SAABistes most relevant. Think before you post or edit in the title then. Moderators can also edit and move the issues ... and they will.
The technical workshop and mechanical
This forum is not a professional forum, it brings together fans of the automotive brand SAAB and can share their experiences. The few connoisseurs who do us the honor of their regular or ad hoc basis are also there to enjoy and share a common passion. They are not beck and call to thank you. A questions, patience is the first answer.
The advice given in the technical section are purely theoretical and it is recommended to go to a workshop SAAB for mechanical intervention.
If you do not want to enforce this warning, the administrators, moderators and forum members will not be held responsible for mishandling of your hand.
This site is not intended to replace the SAAB garages and franchises. No information will be disclosed to persons seeking to circumvent them as this is contrary to the spirit of the forum and especially the basic safety rules. The directors do not want the blame if something goes wrong with a car falsely revised.
No information will be given on such software subject to copyright. Anyone not respecting this rule making forum illegally, his message will be deleted and removed from the forum in case of recidivism.
Topics forum technical workshop and mechanical
Information and multi-model solutions
category of entry you will find here the existential questions of SAABistes at the foot of Nirvana's SAAB technique: the subtle, classic ...
Preparation on SAAB
In each sleeping SAABiste esthete acceleration powerful but measured, controlled and adapted to driving conditions. This category is here to tell the techniques of cosmetic preparations and especially mechanical-electronic feasible.
Topics in Model
All information specific to each SAAB produced from the origin to the present day based on experience of SAABistes forum.
Saab Sport Club
This forum is smarter, turned daily SAABistes. It allows everyone to introduce themselves, describe its SAAB (SAAB for its most collectors), his travels and meetings, the meeting past and future, big or small, to discourse on topics of interest to the author and those that He invited in the discussion ... in respect of the charter. In any SAABiste mind really.
The topics of the forum "The Saab Sport Club
 SAABoyages and Meetings
Ideal space to recount trips, meetings between SAABistes part of the wider world or on the town square nearby. Visit this section regularly to discover proposals for meeting ... and place your own.
 The SAAB SSC: presentation, history, maintenance ... Your SAAB
Available to each of the subjects in this category can discover the history of SAAB forumiens. Often linked to the photo gallery is above all a feast for the eyes and the place to share our common passion. Y describe the interview, the experience of our SAAB is the best way to promote quality .... and facilitate the possible transmission by a successful sale.
 SAAB: its history, highlights current and past ...
The topics here provide written to abound site information gleaned by each.
 Discussions on the ad buying & sales
Ads must be submitted to the site free of ads dedicated to this purpose. This section enables the exchange of information and advice from other SAABistes. These subjects have a life limited to 90 days.
 Saabistes in any convivilité
discussions on new models or mechanical extravagances we see sometimes rather put in the "preparation". Clearly:
- Anything that does not also
- Issues related to culturally SAAB: prototypes, news, festivities, architecture, museums, music, ... in the spirit of SAAB Magazine
- Incidentally all the rest in a friendly atmosphere in strict compliance with the Charter
The MP or private messages
Topic aside, it allows you to chat with another SAABiste. Note that all messages are sent through the forum are available for reading:
* Sender
* The recipient
The MP is an integral part of the forum, the SAAB Sport Club, and the host can be held responsible for any illegal business conducted there. The host has sole access to the entire contents of the forum, including personal messaging. Personal information may be disclosed to a legal authority.

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Remember the days when sex was safe and cars dangerous !
Bye Bye Cruel World !
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Remember the days when sex was safe and cars dangerous !

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