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English owners Saab 9-5 aero.

Posté le 23-04-2013 à 09:11:45  

[spoiler][/spoiler]Hello everyone! My name's Glen and i've been living in France since 1997! I've been contributing quite a few messages to this forum but only if French so far,  so this section gives me the chance to re_use my English ( that shouldn't be to hard!!!) :sol: Does anyone on this part of the forum have any ownership experiences of running a Saab 9-5 aero? I'm particularly interested in buying a 9-5 aero model years 2007 to 2009, with a slight preference for the manual version over the automatic. That's only because the automatic consumes 1 or 2 litres more per 100 km compared to a manual, plus the added servicing of the automatic gearbox!!I have thought about getting a biopower version due to the fact that i've got two pumps at my local Carrefour! :bounce:  
What about servicing costs? In the UK Saabs are still pretty popular and most owners say that it's quite reasonable compared to other similar brands. :lol:  I contribute to the Pistonheads forum in the UK, which seems to give some useful info!
Over here in France second hand car prices are a lot higher compared to the UK! I have actually considered buying a RHD Saab aero and importing it into France, simply because of the savings on the second hand car market, but then again i drive everyday on A roads ( RN in France), so for overtaking it would be a bit tricky!! Concerning the motorway i've got an electronic badge that i use to get through the toll gates! :bounce:  
Any advice would be welcome as i'm actively looking for a Saab to replace my aging Renault Laguna which is nearing 260,000km!!! I hope to get lucky and buy a Saab within the next few weeks. I'm coming over to England at the start of July with my wife and two kids, so i need to replace my Laguna by then!  I come from the village of Beaulieu in The New Forest, i lived for 25 years in Hampshire ( Southampton, Portsmouth), went to Exeter University bavk in the 1980's, and have family on the south coast as well as up in Manchester and Newcastle. I'm going to be doing a lot of driving over the summer holidays so the next car has got to be fully serviced and ready to hit the road when i buy it. That's why i'm more looking at the service history and condition of prospective Saabs rather than the number of kilometres! However, since i plan on keeping the Saab between 6 and 8 years at an average of 25,000 km a year, i guess one with between 50,000 and 100,000 km would be ideal. That way i can take it all the way to 250,000 or 300,000km! :bounce:

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Posté le 16-10-2013 à 22:26:53  

Well, since no one yet replied , I'll do. Maybe it's too late but anyway....
My experience is that one needs to change all these parts famously called " 100000 miles lasting ites" on American websites when the car approaches 100000 miles, approx. 160000 miles.
These are coolant bypass valve, dic, fuel pump, crankshaft position sensor and some others as well.  
Mine is a MY 2003 that I purchased with 139000 kms and i was stranded two times within the next 5000kms, once because of crank position sensor, once because of fuel pump. Than, I may say that this 100000 miles items legend is fairly true.
After this is two cases, what i did was to order a lot of part and change them all in one go!
Beside the CPS and fuel pump, i have renovated water pump, all coolant hoses , coolant bypass valve, DIC,thermostat (car was running low on temp on downhills), serpentine belt and pulleys and some other staff. So, i have a peace of mind now and am yet to have any kind of failure yet.
This is my experience if it may be useful for you.


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