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cold air intakes...

quo amplius eo amplius
Posté le 30-04-2013 à 23:47:21  

Hi there  :hello:  
Has anyone had experience either positive  :love: negative  :pfff: with the installation of a ''cold air intake'' system on their Saab Aero 1.9 TTiD 180. This a 2008 model with an automatic transmission. Yes and it does have a '' FAP''.  
I'm not necessarily looking for superior improvement in terms of horsepower. What I have read is that the improvements are almost negligable. I am looking for more turbo sound coming to me from up front  :D . Just a fun thing, in otherwords, for when I'm on my night drives with the engine noise keeping me company  :ouch:  
I have inquired with BSR and they don't have a unit for my model Saab  :??:  
Any comments and \ or helpful leads will be more than welcome   :bounce: .

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Posté le 02-08-2013 à 21:53:57  

hi friend, i think you dont need to touch your air intake to get a beter sound,you just need to replace your final silencer by a tube (in stainless steel) just after the cat, with this new exauhst system you 'll get the turbo's sound you hope.
if you need some information about exhaust send me a MP  
take a look there (that's my own product!!) [...] 7560_1.htm

saab turbo ya rien de plus beau [...] laveyron-2
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  cold air intakes...